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CostEng Difference

Integrated data services – unique to CostEng

A key ‘point of difference’ with CostEng estimating solutions is the automatic access to proprietary data services.   The current data available includes physical properties such as weights and surface areas, and manhours for fabrication and or site installation activities.


The CostEng estimating solutions have been specifically designed from the outset to provide more than an estimating software tool by incorporating automatic access to mission critical reference data.


This technology is unique to CostEng and is the result of decades of ‘first principles, research and development culminating in international patents.


CostEng Benchmarking

Create benchmarks and grow corporate knowledge

Another key aspect of the CostEng technology is to provide facilities to assist in the development of benchmark information against which estimates can be measured. This establishes confidence by those undertaking estimate preparation and those charged with review and approval of final outcomes.


Consistent ‘in-house’ facilities based on known structures and formats with the transparent ability to ‘drill down’ into the detail is a unique feature of the CostEng estimating software.


These facilities also provide the basis of capturing Corporate Cost Knowledge which enhances the confidence of estimates created.  The more CostEng is used, the more information is captured. One of the key factors for good decisions is the quality of information on which the decision is based.


Estimating productivity, efficiency and cost effectiveness

The preparation of capital cost estimates for major projects requires the co-ordinated input of information from a number of sources including design staff, suppliers and estimating engineers.


CostEng estimating software has been designed with an intuitive user interface that can assist in coordinating input from multiple sources and maximise the effective use of junior staff for more basic tasks.  This is evident in the estimating modules for ‘bulk’ materials such as piping, electrical and civil works resulting in effective resource management and reduced estimate preparation costs.


A complete estimating solution

The CostEng estimating software includes a broad range of modules for undertaking material take-off, sub-estimates for 'bulks' such as piping, cabling, concrete etc, and overall project direct and indirect costs. Facilities to import materials lists from external sources such as CAD are also available.


CostEng estimating software also provides for user defined coding systems, productivity factors, exchange rates, overheads and profits. 


The CostEng estimating tools are design by estimators for estimators and conform to the pratices promoted by the Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering International.


CostEng enables its clients to:                                                                                                                    

  • Increase productivity.

  • Simplify the estimating process through automatic access to a comprehensive database.

  • Improve efficiencies saving time and money with an easy-to-use, simple system requiring no specialised skills to operate.

  • Ensure estimating consistency and reliability.

  • Build corporate knowledge for easy reference, future projects and accountability.


CostEng has all the standard estimating processes covered!                                                                      

The CostEng systems make up a number of estimating processes including:

  • Estimate registration.

  • Materials take-off (MTO).

  • Construction operations screens.

  • Productivity factors.

  • Coding facilities.

  • Exchange rate management.

  • Indirect costing facility.

  • Estimate summary.

  • Estimate statistics.

  • Flexible reporting functionality.

  • Miscellaneous management facilities.


Features of CostEng:                                                                                                                                  

  • Multi-currency.

  • Multi-user.

  • Imperial and metric libraries.

  • Automatic generation of benchmark data.

  • Facilities for application of productivity factors including country, location and weather conditions.

  • Facilities to retain material cost libraries that automatically populate a given estimate.

  • Preparation of a comprehensive indirect cost estimate from quoted or in-house costs.

  • Flexible coding structures for summary cost reporting.



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