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Estimating capital costs for pipework spooling (fabrication)


PipeFab is a comprehensive tool for the development of capital cost estimates for the fabrication (spooling) of piping systems in a workshop.  It includes facilities for estimating direct costs and the application of overheads and profits. The user interface is almost identical to the PipeSite module and accordingly retains all the beneficial attributes of the PipeSite module


A ‘user defined’ coding systems for reporting and/or analysis can also be customised.


Estimates can be developed in any ‘base’ currency and will allow the input of costs in currencies other than the ‘base’ currency.


The CostEng estimating methodology is driven by the generation of a materials listing using a selection process from a materials library. The intuitive user interface means it is very easy to use and allows for detailed input to be undertaken by junior staff. This is a boost to the economic efficiency of the estimate preparation process.


Where materials lists are available in ‘electronic’ form (ie. as output reports from CAD systems) this data can easily be imported into PipeFab using a ‘mapping’ function that remembers repetitive materials. This is another valuable time saving attribute of the CostEng estimating solutions.


Once a material item and its relevant quantity have been defined, the system will automatically apply the relevant manhours appropriate to the handling, installation and connection requirements.


PipeFab also allows for the allocation of variable productivity factors due to differing levels of skills or experience of the manpower undertaking the fabrication activities.


MTO entry dialogue

The ability to enter MTO information easily through a series of data cells, drop down boxes and customised fields will provide you with all the tools you need to capture this information. 


References - CostEng provides full traceability of the MTO by capturing the source documents forming the MTO.

Codes – The ability to customise a multiple user defined coding system for summary and reporting of costs.

Materials selection – Provides a comprehensive description of all materials forming the MTO.


Screenshots - Click on the picture for a larger view.


mto entry dialog


Direct costs

Direct costs can be reported according to the user defined codes. Labour costs are generated from the man-hours and the user defined average workshop crew rate. Material costs are calculated from the material cost data file which is maintained by the estimator from quotations received from suppliers.


direct cost


Estimate summary

The estimate summary is reported by:

- Direct costs.

- Miscellaneous costs.


This section also provides facilities for the allocation of overheads, adjustments and profits for each summary cost or on an overall estimate basis.


estimate summary



Reporting is provided via a range of statistics about the estimate that can be used for benchmarking and future analysis of costing and estimates.





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